Microsoft Band 2

Not solely a New York deliverable, Project Neon was a full line product launch for Microsoft’s second generation Band. Our video segments were part of what Microsoft calls “Big Impact Themes” or a full store takeover to promote a product or campaign launch in a compelling & immersive way using full motion.

The concept selected was Pattern Refraction, which used living holds on Microsoft’s pillar messaging that were broken up by quick vertical transitions based off of the wallpaper patterns and UI iconson the device. Graphic footage treatments also highlighted key portions of imagery while bringing parallax and depth into the living pillar holds.

From rebuilding the CAD Microsoft provided to rebuilding their UI animation, we were still able to complete all deliverables within an aggressive 7-week timeline—not a small feat, but one we’re extremely proud of!

  • Total screen area created: 237 HD screens (or 1485.42 square feet w/the screen specs).
  • If this content was for a regular 30-sec HD spot, we would have enough material for 430 commercials.
  • If we made a comp @ 1080 high, it would be 455,040 pixels wide.
  • And finally, total number of pixels generated for Microsoft: 801,052,416,000.