AB/InBev is one of the world’s largest brewers with over 56 individual beer brands. modop’s work currently includes partnerships with Budweiser, Stella Artois and Bud Light via AB/InBev’s ZX ventures. An in-house disruptive growth group and business incubator tasked with executing innovative growth strategies within the AB/InBev brand universe.

Initially contracted in Q4 of 2015 our first work was an engagement focused e-commerce campaign for Bud Light and the Super Bowl. Working on a very tight timeline and collaborating with brand stakeholders including AB/InBev, the NFL and the Bud Light brand team modop scripted, cast and produced a humor focused ad spot that was designed to increase key awareness of on demand beer delivery via third party delivery apps while simultaneously adhering to Bud Light’s core brand message and promoting an opportunity to attend the Super Bowl itself. The ad unit was rolled out across a variety of digital and local broadcast channels in Q1/16. Post campaign metrics indicated we delivered above and beyond anticipated KPI numbers.

Platforming off this initial success AB/InBev’s Commerce division partnered with Stella Artois around a social media campaign designed to bring new consumers into the Stella Universe via unique social media levers and again, utilizing on-demand third party beer delivery services like Minibar, Drizly and others. modop’s solution was both elegant and modular. A series of highly specific short videos featuring copy and animations that were designed to capture users attention mid-feed with topical references to individual events. These events have included The Kentucky Derby, the ESPY awards, NBA finals and GOT finale…the lever has proven so successful that additional brand teams at Bud and Bud Light have also begun utilizing the ad unit, changing the font, background and texts to reflect brand standards inherent in each.

Finally and most recently we’ve been contracted to create a global social brand campaign for Hoegaarden, a premium craft beer in the AB/InBev portfolio. This work will launch in Q4/2016 and roll out across world markets through 2017.