If you use the internet, chances are you use Akamai dozens of times a day without knowing it with their content delivery system serving around 30% of all web traffic. We help them tell their story to the public via video content, in terms that the average person can understand, showcasing the importance and value the company has in our connected world.

AD Scaler

What Akamai provides is deeply complex and incredibly valuable, not only to content consumers but to advertisers.  However, without an intrinsic understanding of the underpinnings of the internet and Akamai’s role within it, showing advertisers the value and power Akamai gives to their message can prove challenging.  That's why Akamai asked us to create this :30 piece showcasing how their Ad Scaler platform is invaluable to advertisers who want to reach internet audiences quickly and inexpensively. This video was showcased at Akamai's NAB booth.

Branding Package

Akamai’s content delivery network is one of the world’s largest distributed computing platforms, delivering content for a wide variety of clients, like Apple, Adobe, ESPN, NASA, NBC Sports, Red Bull and Yahoo!, just to name a few. To help them extend their branding into their own content, we took inspiration from their static logo to create video transitions, lower third banners and animated logos.