We are Amazon’s trusted partner for innovative product launches, often working closely with their team early in the product development cycle.

Product Launches

We are Amazon’s trusted partner for innovative product launches, often working closely with their team early in the product development cycle.

Kindle Stories


We began with a simple idea: Kindle e-ink works perfectly in direct sunlight and is so affordable that it costs less than a pair of designer sunglasses. Our first spot, "Pool," received 1M hits after only a few days on air and became one of the week's top performing viral videos. Building on its success and continued memorability in consumer research, we've created several follow-up spots highlighting differentiating factors of the Kindle. When the Kindle Paperwhite launched, we produced "Husbands," which casually features a gay couple. The spot was lauded by the Human Rights Campaign as an example of inclusive advertising. With growing competition in the marketplace, Kindle needed a series of commercials focusing on differentiation, functionality and ease of use. Keeping true to the realistic scenarios that have been a proven success for the brand, the "Friends" campaign unfolds as a series of real life conversations which could happen anywhere. The chemistry between the actors was critical, especially when keeping the location abstract. This campaign performed well in the memorability and brand linkage tests conducted and was expanded for use in the UK market where we had the opportunity to shoot a separate campaign and cast unique British actors for these roles. While experimenting with its brand voice, Kindle had us test a strategy that was less about the functionality of the product and instead promoted reading. Our team created "Grandma," a spot that aimed to illustrate the powerful emotional impact of giving the gift of reading. While tugging at the heartstrings, the relevant message and affordable price point struck a cord with consumers. The national media buy ran during the holidays and the spot remains one of the top performing Kindle ads of all time.

Kindle Lifestyle

Kindle's early foray into television advertising centered around passion for reading and the emotional sense of escape that comes with a great book. Our goal was to make the technology all but disappear and become secondary to getting lost in the story. We developed this one-shot concept as a way to move past the product and capture that special moment of reading. As the camera cranes out from the device, we're able to establish a relaxed environment that inherently illustrates just how easy and uncomplicated your life becomes with Kindle.

Kindle Kids

We believe that cultivating a love of reading and having access to books are both critical aspects of children's growth and development. After working on Amazon Kindle advertising for the past few years, we saw an opportunity to evolve the brand and tell their story in a new way. To communicate the power of the Kindle in kids' lives, we gathered a diverse group of children and spent time getting to know them. We asked about their favorite books and their thoughts on reading while capturing every moment on camera. The result was a documentary style of storytelling that focuses on real moments and conversations, creating a relatable yet emotional spot. We presented the idea to the Amazon team and they fell in love with the interviews as much as we had, so much that many of the kids from the original test shoot made it into the final spot on air. We went on to shoot spots for UK audiences based on the same concept, and are currently working on extending the documentary style into further campaigns. In addition to the TV ad, we created a digital campaign extension. The banners shown here wrapped Hulu content with a media buy aimed at programming for kids and moms.


Changing the way TV shows are brought to life, Amazon Studios asked us to develop an integrated campaign for the launch of their pilot season. As part of the overall branding strategy, we drove the creative development and audio branding for Amazon Original Series and Amazon Studios logos. These logos will play on every original tv show or theatrical release produced through them. We also created online marketing banners in support of the original comedies and kids programs. To further promote the original kid programs, we concepted, filmed, edited and fully finished 7 promotional videos for use in both the US and UK markets.

Mobile App

Building on our proven success with the Kindle campaigns, Amazon tasked us with creating their first brand commercial in over ten years. Our goal was to showcase a new way to shop anytime, anywhere. We quickly identified the simple connection for the audience: instant gratification for simpler living. By creating real world scenarios that demonstrated how the technology comfortably fits into their lives, we delivered the message loud and clear. The successful commercial ran only in select regional markets, where it increased app downloads and generated traffic and spiked sales.


For Amazon’s designer clearance store, we matched the premium aesthetic of the brands they sell with a high-end fashion sensibility. We focused on enticing consumers’ excitement for accessible trends by capturing the pulsing energy of a runway show and glossy style of a fashion magazine. Planning for the store’s inventory fluctuations was crucial to the success of the campaign concept. To keep ongoing production flowing smoothly, we even developed a system that allowed for late product swaps and last minute promotions.