Belvedere Vodka

Digital Agency of Record

How does a brand evolve while remaining connected to its 600-year history? How can it differentiate itself from a rising number and type of competitors? We empower Belvedere by using data to reveal consumer insights and by understanding their behavior across multiple digital channels. We help deliver what consumers want, when and where they want it, all while measuring everything in real-time so we know exactly when the brand is winning.

Global Website

We built a custom CMS and executed a comprehensive website redesign in line with Belvedere’s new contemporary look and feel. The site was designed from a mobile-first approach, integrating a modular CMS with social share functionality for editorial pages with a custom age gate, all integrated in both global and French versions.

Social Media Community Management

We manage all social communities across Belvedere-owned channels, developing and creating content that is in touch with social trends, posting responsively and in real time, while staying consistent with brand tone. At the onset, we shifted the digital marketing stance from one-size-fits-all to a channel-specific approach, creating a set of KPI’s to ensure brand growth. Through our endeavors, brand image has been reinforced, differentiation from competitors has been defined, influencer and advocate base has been bolstered, and the Belvedere community has grown massively.

Knowing Claire Smith Video

In conjunction with the website’s launch, we produced an image and video campaign conveying the Know The Difference brand message. Two lifestyle spots were developed and produced by our content team, alongside informative pieces that explored the history of Belvedere. These spots were produced efficiently, on budget, and fed into an asset library that was extended into social media and regionalized across the globe.