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Hudson Pacific Properties, "a visionary real estate company focused on epicenters of innovation for media and tech," partnered with us to give their corporate site a new look and feel while simultaneously enhancing their custom management system authoring capabilities for increased content configuration.

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The Challenge

Hudson Pacific's primary goal with the improved corporate site was to drive users to property detail pages by creating a robust search and filter tool that quickly gives users access to the data they need, with just a few clicks.

The Work

We produced a complete design overhaul of the site and improved back-end functionality while also adding new features and capabilities such as a custom built and author configurable timeline on the about page, rich text editing for custom news content, global navigation packaged for branding integration with third-party sites, and a powerful property map search tool.

Focus on what's important to you

Hudson Pacific has properties in multiple regions, with varying attributes and space availability. Users need to quickly filter, locate and access property data based on specific criteria. We took this goal to another level by building a highly functional map search tool integrated with Google Maps to show precise location details for properties matching all filter specifics, so that users only see what they need to see when they need to see it.

The Impact

With the launch of the new website, Hudson Pacific Properties now has the ability to quickly and easily showcase property data to their network of users in a uniform and friendly user experience.

Parallax to
the Max

Parallax animations, for copy and images make the website fun and engaging for users.


Improved SEO with new marketing copy and improved meta-data input fields.


Global navigation for branding compatibility and reduced development time for sister websites.