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Culture and the City.


Mod Op is an ongoing content partner for Microsoft. Together, we’ve helmed several retail driven campaigns including the launch of their retail flagship store in NYC along with imagery for its 800-square-foot digital façade, the ‘Culture Wall.’

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The Challenge

Microsoft tasked us to craft how to utilize the Culture Wall at the NYC flagship store to create an artistic reflection of what technology can bring to the community in an artistic sense. To create a unique presence within one of the busiest cities in the world that would strike a positive chord with locals and tourists alike.

The Work

We collaborated with local artists to bring architecture to life in a digital and dynamic format, and as a way to foster a more personal connection between Microsoft and the community. 


Culture Wall / Artist Series

Digital artist Tabor Robak was the first artist collaboration to be featured on the Culture Wall, with more local New York-area artists' work to come. The result is a living, breathing, dynamic digital exhibition that is non-commercial in nature, which underscore Microsoft’s long-standing commitment to pushing the limits of creativity and universal empowerment.


NYC Anthem

For the launch of their retail store in NYC, Microsoft wanted to create an emotionally-charged story that captured the city’s essence, we looked to themes of the everyday, of the unexpected, of humanity throughout the city. These combined themes came to life as our LED anthem piece.


Artist Series

Alongside the LED theme, the in-store Artist Series came to life by showcasing some of the city’s best performers captured in slow-motion against iconic locations which acted as vibrant additional characters in our pieces.

The Impact

Since 2016, Mod Op has worked alongside the Microsoft Retail team to establish opportunities that elevate the in-store creative themes, and help improve upon the overall customer experience. This ongoing collaboration allows us to work as a true extension of the Microsoft team, their outside vendors, and the various artists that Microsoft commissions.

Community First

The Culture Wall displays noncommercial, artistic images to complement the architecture of the building as part of Microsoft’s place as an integral member of the community. 


News of the art-focused display was picked up by news and culture media outlets like Engadget, The Drum, and Paste Magazine.


The Culture Wall pushes the limits of creativity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A testament to the long-standing commitment of pushing the limits of creativity and universal empowerment.