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Mod Op created interactive player archetypes to help Nike connect kids with the best shoes for their style of play. The result was a truly immersive experience that garnered hundred of thousands of personal recommendations.

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The Challenge

Nike’s signature athletes are their greatest asset. But do kids really understand the product benefits they offer? Are they overwhelmed or indifferent? Do they understand the differences between a Kyrie 2 and a Hyperrev? How do we explain it in their language?

The Work

We came up with the concept of using different archetypes to define different styles of play. The idea was that if we could make the experience feel more like an interactive personality test rather than a product finder, then kids would engage. 

The experience would have to be based in data in order to provide accurate results that can describe the kid, but also recommend products that made sense for them.

To pull this off, we developed an algorithm that would take a few pieces of input and match each user to one of nine styles of play. Each archetype would then relate to a group of products and explain how those features enabled that game.

Strategy: Player Research

Products are designed for different types of movement which correlates to areas of the court. Through our research, we realized that shot frequency was a good proxy for where players spend most of their time. Then we analyzed Nike’s entire roster and crossed that with their style of play to create archetypes.

Technology: UX Prototype

To make the experience fun and engaging, we really pushed UX/UI. That meant incorporating imagery and animation to create a way for kids to interact with the court. Building clickable motion prototypes allowed us to develop a proof of concept and test our theories before executing.

The Impact

We ultimately developed a tool that not only was beautiful to the eye but also allowed consumers to understand Nike basketball footwear, helping users make a more informed purchasing decision. 


We succeeded by understanding the technical parameters while continuing to push the boundaries.

80 Regions

The results pages live on Nike’s VO2 platform so content can be authored along with available product and localized in 80 different regions worldwide.

Perfect Partnership

Working alongside Nike allowed us to get further, faster – working closely with Nike’s team to add new attributes to their database and pull in corresponding product.