Mod Op | Texas Instruments


Adapting to Modern Media.

Media Management

In 2009, Texas Instruments (TI) selected Mod Op as its agency of record. At the time, TI had been very much entrenched in print advertising campaigns and needed to modernize its media strategies for the rapidly evolving digital world.

The Challenge

Not only were we tasked with migrating TI’s marketing communications into new, digital spaces, but also to find new ways to impact the company’s business success.

The Work

In the years since, we’ve built a close relationship with TI, which ensures that we thoroughly understand the company’s objectives and informs our thinking as we apply our expertise in a variety of advertising programs, including media planning, implementation, optimization and analytics.


A complete digital transformation

Texas Instruments selected Mod Op, in part, for its understanding of digital media, engagement tracking, analytics and optimization - and how to engage TI's primary target, the design engineer. We worked hand-in-hand to develop complex, custom online programs with key media partners, fully tracking placements and media programs that addressed the needs of engineers throughout the entire design cycle..

The Impact

Today, our work for TI spans the globe and drives revenue for all of TI’s business units.

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built and the successes we’ve achieved in our collaboration with Texas Instruments. A decade after we started our partnership, we continue to find new ways to support TI’s leadership and the company’s growth.


In just 12 months, Mod Op increased European customers' engagement by 900%.


Mod Op helped Texas Instruments reach a global average of 140% customer engagement.


We reduce the cost of TI's customer engagements by 90% in Europe and 42% in the United States.