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Since launching in 2011, ModOp has worked with EA SPORTS as a trusted brand design and marketing partner for the leading sports game publisher, being called upon to brand and refresh key franchises like FIFA, new game technology for the Ignite Engine, and the EA Sports brand itself as it evolves for new generation consoles and theatrical entertainment.

FIFA 13/14

Over the past 2 years, we have produced marketing trailers, brand identity solutions and innovative digital extensions for the world’s best-selling sports game, FIFA. The result was a seamless brand communication spanning digital, mobile, in-game applications, video, retail, packaging, and out-of-home for the FIFA franchise.

UFC Trailer

For the launch of EA’s newest title, we developed and produced an action packed CG trailer that spoke to the UFC fan and imparted some of the history behind the sport. Utilizing MMA experts, we choreographed a seamless fight sequence to showcase the intensity of UFC. We leveraged actual game models in the scenes and collaborated closely with EA Art Directors to provide an authentic representation. We consulted with the Gracie family, founders of UFC, to personally acquire the footage for our historical open.

Ignite Engine Trailer 

Debuting at Microsoft's XBOX ONE announcement, EA Sports wanted to communicate the passion, authenticity, and remarkable fidelity of their titles in a breathtaking trailer. Over 10 weeks, we developed the creative approach and produced this state of the art trailer. We leveraged EAS's own characters, environments, animations and worked directly with their art directors to accurately convey each specific game's fidelity. The result was a captivating portrayal of the new generation of games. 

Boot Flow Animations

For a new generation of its best selling games, EA Sports asked us to revamp their decades old brand ID. Working closely with EA’s creative directors, we refreshed the logo model and developed an entirely new animation system for each title. To show the brand’s sports authenticity, we developed a system that allowed each title to brand the EA Sports logo by creating a uniquely stylized environment specific to the sport.

Need For Speed Rivals 

Utilizing a bullpen of game capture artists, ModOp logged roughly 150 combined hours of driving footage, which was essential in bringing this 6 player real-time driving experience to life. The end result was a cinematic, epic gameplay trailer that made you feel not only like you were in the driver's seat, but like you were inside one of the featured exotic cars.

Theatrical Logo Animation

Though one of the most established brands in video games, Electronic Arts was in new territory when it launched “Need For Speed” as a major motion picture, and turned to us as a trusted resource to create a title card that would evolve the brand identity into the world of film while drawing on it’s reputation as an innovator in immersive entertainment.

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