Digital / Out of Home

We partner extensively with Team Detroit in many faculties: as a creative team, concepting campaigns and taking creative lead on execution; as a technology and production partner for all manner of assets and experiences; as a strategic think-tank, having lead the redesign and consolidation of Ford’s YouTube channels.

Reasons to Love Fusion Digital Campaign

Leveraging the work that went into the custom YouTube gadget, we created a high-impact Rich Media takeover experience on USA Today’s website, utilizing an existing HTML5 code base to provide an experience across all platforms. The Rich Media Units made use of content shot, both produced and delivered in-house. Said content was then plugged into a Rich Media takeover for showcasing the Fusion Energi.

Expedition Series Branding & Digital Campaign

In support of a video series collaboration between Ford and Yahoo!, we created a visual identity system of logos and animations. Once our visual identity system was in place, we designed and developed all paid media assets, from standard and Rich Media Units to custom site served units for the campaign partners.

Mustang Yahoo! Homepage Takeover

Merging film, CG, and expert technical development, we made the Shelby GT500 come to life. An interactive video popped up when users landed on After playing, the video shrank to two Flash banners with a “Customize Now” CTA. Upon clicking, a CG Mustang drove off the banner and performed a 360 burnout before expanding to a Car Customizer. Users could customize their GT500 and either download their model or proceed to the Ford website.