Sony Pictures

Digital Campaigns

Starting with the international release of Scott Derrickson’s “Deliver Us From Evil” and David Ayer’s “Fury” starring Brad Pitt, we have collaborated with Sony Pictures Entertainment on multiple digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns involve both domestic and international websites, as well as a variety of groundbreaking digital and social activations designed to boost engagement and awareness by maximizing audience participation. Other titles include: Chris Columbus’ upcoming “Pixels” starring Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage, and Robert Zemeckis’s forthcoming “The Walk” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Pixels Website & App

For Sony Pictures Entertainment’s new film, Pixels, we created two digital experiences. The first was a responsive website that included sections for the film synopsis, cast & crew information, videos, and a photo gallery with beautiful full-screen images. The second, called “The Pixelator”, was an HTML and three.js-driven mobile and desktop feature that invited users to edit photos in a truly unique way. After uploading an image via one of several image source options (i.e. native camera upload, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), users can pixelate their image as much (or as little) as they’d like with 3D effects evocative of those in the film. Each final pixelated image can be downloaded and/or shared to their preferred social network.

Fury International Website

For the WWII epic, we created a website whose depth and breadth was on par with the film’s gravitas. The site featured a scroll functionality that took users through the film’s story and introduced its characters, most notably The Fury. We utilized an in-house designed and built 3D render of the tank, with interactive and exploratory functionality. To tie it into social media, the site enabled users to create personalized tanks and add their faces to the tank crew portrait and share it to their feeds.

Deliver Us From Evil Website & App

To drive social engagement and increase buzz, we designed and developed a responsive-scrolling website and promotional app. The site utilized a scrolling function to showcase the trailer, plot, historical context and cast photos, as well as a gamified function that allowed users to unlock easter eggs. To engage the audience, we built in a crowd-sourced interactive map allowing users to tag real world “haunted” locations. The augmented reality app utilized the app’s camera function to scan the international poster. A ghoul invaded the user’s device, allowing them to take a picture with the demon and easily share it across their social networks.

The Walk Website

In anticipation of “The Walk”, Sony Picture Entertainment’s dramatic adaptation of Philippe Petit’s novel, To Reach The Clouds, we designed and developed the official movie website. Optimized for desktop and mobile, the website features sections for the film synopsis, cast & crew information, videos, and photo gallery.

Chappie Facebook App

In anticipation of Director Neil Blomkamp’s newest sci-fi action film, Chappie, we created a unique feature that balanced the fun duality of the titular robot. The “Name Tags” feature is an HTML-based experience for desktop and mobile that lets users get their name personally tagged by Chappie. Users login into the feature via Facebook or Twitter, which then shows Chappie tagging their name on a wall. Users can choose to share their image via Facebook or Twitter, download the image to keep, or tag a new name. Users can also watch the latest film trailer directly from the feature as well. The feature was created for the international English market and localized by international territories.