Sony Playstation


PlayStation is one of the most exciting entertainment companies of our day. Sony Computer Entertainment America chose us as their Social Media partner to increase the depth and quality of engagement with their fans and to earn new ones over 3 titles: inFAMOUS: Second Son, Gran Turismo 6 and MLB 14: The Show. SCEA challenged us to maximize sales and engagement in the most cost-effective way possible, while nurturing the audience relationship.

inFamous Social Engagement

During our research phase, the Strategy & Analytics team found pockets of highly engaged fans centered around inFamous’ central character: Delsin Row. With that in mind, our Social team encouraged fans to share their passions with a specific theme called ‘Delsin Love’. Our community managers started ‘Fan Art Fridays’ and shared fans engagement with cosplay. The theme was one of the most successful throughout the duration of the campaign.

Gran Turismo 6 Social Strategy

Before we came on board, GT’s social presence was fragmented with its communities being controlled by forces outside SCEA.  With few benchmarks to base our strategy, our Strat team used algorithms to predict what media would perform best, then rolled out  content based on those numbers. As the campaign progressed, we continually evaluated and reevaluated our performance, adjusting our strategy to maximize impressions and grow the community.