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The Challenge

Avid is the world leader in entertainment technology, creating products and programs that power the music, broadcast and film industries. But while the company’s 30-year history has made it a dominant force in broadcast media, its direct to consumer sales were dwindling amongst competition from Adobe, Apple and others. It suffered from lack of awareness with very young creators and the perception of being dated and out of touch with others. They craved a chance to get back to their artistic roots, and we were there for it.

The Work

We interviewed Avid leaders in every department and conducted a robust social audit to get a clear understanding of the conversation. We spoke with customers and potential customers who use competitor products. We trendcasted. We walked away with the insight that inspiring creators and artists means showing our commitment to them, their futures, and the future of the industry.

Brand Manifesto

We help media visionaries create art that colors our perceptions and enriches our culture. We make innovative technology and collaborative tools that inspire and spark joy so creators can entertain, inform, educate and enlighten the world. We believe in our artists. We believe in our industry leaders. And we believe in the future of entertainment.

We have a rich, 30-year history of powering media and entertainment. But we know our history doesn’t determine our future, so we are always evolving, committed to making good better and better best. We make many products, but we only do one thing: maximize the mediums of amazing makers.

At Avid, every minute, of every day, we are powering greater creators.


Spark Joy

Our tools and services ignite artists’ passion for their work by helping them execute at a level they never even know was possible

Relieve Pain

Music, video, and broadcast production is stressful work, where details, organization, and reliability matter most. Avid products provide seamless solutions to make our customers’ lives easier at every level

Provide Safety

Avid prides itself on producing the most secure and reliable systems available today.

Color Palette

Pure Purple, our new primary brand color, has a vivid and engaging vibe that works well on dark and light backgrounds, as well as in print. We moved from a limited color palette to a brighter expanded palette evoked by legacy TV color test calibration bars. The new palette inspires creativity and works with a range of images.

Logo + Tagline

We gave Avid two logo options, the legacy logo in a brighter, more engaging purple. Then, we created the Outline logo, a more subtle, sleek option. Powering Greater Creators is the resulting campaign and tagline a strategic call to action for every employee to remember the greater purpose that their products serve: creating art and entertainment in all media.

Graphic Treatments

The sequence is a graphic moniker that embodies all things Avid. It references both audio sound waves as well as Media Composer’s sequence and suggests the promise of forward motion for our industry. It often leads to Avid’s logo. It is light touch and flexible, but distinct. The sequence, or a reference to it, should appear on most branded assets and communications.

The Impact

The new look and feel emphasizes the artists and their content while subtly nodding to the sophisticated technology that drives them. Beyond impressing and surprising their artist community (“Wow, that’s Avid?!), the brand overhaul inspired internal changes as well. Avid now explores different content pipelines, putting the focus on creative outreach and education programming to “walk the talk” and power the next generation of entertainment leaders.