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The Challenge

Enbridge Gas has 175 years of powerful brand recognition and performance. Mod Op needed to leverage this heritage while also establishing a unique identity, value

proposition and place in the market for the distinct new sub-brand. We had to develop a brand identity, build awareness, educate audiences, generate leads for a new email marketing database and empower the sales teams to sell the service.

The Work

To leverage the credibility of the parent company and build a unique identity, we developed a new name and wordmark for the sub-brand.

Mod Op created authentic testimonial videos that we used in campaigns, foundational marketing materials and on the website—which we also developed.

We supplied the Enbridge Sustain sales team with branded sales tools and organic social media posts for use on their own channels.

Mod Op rolled out a small but highly targeted digital campaign—focused on builders and developers—that included emails, LinkedIn ads, Google Search and Google Discovery.

We supplemented the campaign with print ads in trade publications that had tailored messaging to address the specific challenges and motivations of these segments.

The Impact

13,971 homepage views - 10,790 users/visitors - 120 leads/form submissions - 1,749 video views on LinkedIn.