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The Work

Mod Op created a strategic marketing communications plan that was right-sized for the client’s goals and budget. This cost-effective integrated campaign included advertising, public relations and social media.

Primarily, our focus was to associate Ceva’s new swine division and products with the people, events, media outlets and standard-bearers the market already trusted. For instance, many of our communication pieces featured an image of the periodic table of elements.

The Challenge

In order to establish a foothold in that segment, the new division needed to build not only awareness with veterinarians and producers but also credibility and product trials. Ceva came to Mod Op with these challenges and a six- to nine-month window to develop and initiate a plan to overcome them.

The Impact

In doing so, we associated Ceva and its swine products with proven science. We focused heavily on media relations and building relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). We even hosted a media event at the World Series of BBQ. All of these and other initiatives connected Ceva and its swine products to trusted and respected cornerstones in the industry, giving the client outsized results for their investment, including 1M doses sold in the first year, more than $330,000 in earned media value, and 72% awareness.