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The Work

Facing a challenge like this meant we could pull no punches. Mod Op developed a sweeping, integrated communications campaign that included product logos, technical brochures, ghost-written technical articles, print and digital advertising, influencer meetings, media educational events, internal product messaging and training modules, news releases, and more.

The campaign was built around a unique, differentiating position: Customized Control Because Every Herd Is Unique. And in order to establish confidence in this new way of vaccinating, we leveraged the technical expertise of leading swine veterinarians, virologists and immunologists.

The Challenge

In its FLEX product launch, BIVI faced somewhat of a catch-22. For the first time ever, the FLEX line gave veterinarians and producers the unprecedented flexibility to vaccinate against one, two, or three of the most common respiratory diseases in pigs in a single dose. This was unheard of, so BIVI and Mod Op needed to convince the market to change the way they thought about vaccinations – that what had been impossible was now possible.

The Impact

The campaign was a resounding success. By challenging an obsolete herd mentality, BIVI and Mod Op not only collaborated on an incredibly successful product launch but also helped to ensure healthier swine populations around the world.