Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Hospital at Home

Last month was quite the rollercoaster. My father had a sudden trip to the ER due to a serious infection. I rushed to join my family at the hospital, bracing for his week-long stay for IV antibiotics. Dad, ever the independent spirit, wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Understandably so. Prolonged hospital stays can up the odds for further infections, especially at 85. It was a real worry for us. 

Three days into my dad’s hospital stay, we were told about the Hospital at Home pilot program. It was perfect for him because he could get hospital-level care right from home. He jumped at the chance, and by evening, he was delivered back home in an ambulance.  

The way the hospital, insurers, tech providers, our family—and of course, dad—came together was a real game changer. It was a testament to what digital innovation can do in healthcare. And honestly, it was a win-win for everyone. This experience has some key learnings that can be applied to digital transformation in any industry. 

Just like any digital transformation initiative, the true measure of success isn’t just the tech itself, but how People, Process and Technology come together to deliver a successful experience for the customer’s or patient’s benefit. Here’s a snapshot of how that worked. 


People Power: Creating a Collaborative Care Team  

People come first in digital initiatives because—even if you use AI and machine learning—your team is the cornerstone to success. Everyone needs to be on the same page with a shared goal, a clear roadmap and strong backing in terms of funding and leadership support. This is essential for creating new digital experiences that deliver what people need and want. 

The Hospital at Home program was a hit. A team of 10-15 virtual and in-person caregivers were committed to caring for my father at home, making him feel safe and comfortable. Their dedication was evident; they took pride in being part of something innovative. Many even expressed how refreshing it was to step away from traditional hospital settings and work on a project that could heal patients quicker.  

This pilot program, funded by insurance, seemed efficient and cost-effective, hinting at savings for the insurance company too. Everyone, especially the caregivers, seemed really invested in making it work. 


Process Reimagined: Streamlining Care from Hospital to Home  

When it comes to digital transformation, process is key, but it’s an area that is often overlooked. You can’t just add technology onto old processes; that’s a recipe for disaster. It creates disjointed experiences for employees and customers alike. 

With Hospital at Home, they reimagined patient care from the ground up, seamlessly integrating people and tech into new workflows. They considered everything—patients at home, families without medical training, caregivers off-site—and made sure the process was crystal clear.  

Medications, consultations and scheduling were all streamlined and made foolproof with tech like tablets, phones, smart watches and online platforms. For instance, medicines were brought right to the doorstep by a courier. An EMT, following a virtual nurse’s guidance, administered the medication. As each dose was given, a photo was taken and uploaded to an online platform, keeping a meticulous record of the treatment. 

With everyone on the same page, the at-home treatment program turned out to be a smooth and stress-free success for everyone involved. 


Technology Integration: The Backbone of At-Home Healthcare  

Technology is pivotal in digital transformation. It’s the key enabler that allows businesses to evolve and adapt, offering innovative solutions to traditional challenges. Effective digital transformation leverages technology to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences and unlock new possibilities for efficiency and growth.  

The tech provider for the Hospital at Home program, Aaniie (previously known as Smartcare Software), has a clear vision and mission. They focus on streamlining care through technology and providing access to advanced, data-driven systems for better provider outcomes with operational efficiency.  

They came to our house before my father came home from the hospital. They set us up with all the necessary gadgets, like a phone and tablet, along with several boxes of supplies. They even ensured there was a backup for everything, including power. 

The technology platform was sophisticated yet user-friendly, not requiring any special tech skills or even general familiarity with technology. We had some minor issues with the connectivity of headsets used by nurses, but everything else was smooth sailing. 


Lessons Learned: Navigating the Future of Digital Health—and Beyond 

Hospital at Home is the perfect example of digital transformation. It’s a classic case of a traditional institution teaming up with an innovative technology provider and backed by insurance funding to create a great experience for patients and everyone involved.  

It’s a model for any company thinking of modernizing with digital solutions. It’s a solid reminder that, no matter your industry, embracing technology can enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. 

In fact, Hospital at Home delivered on the five pillars below, which are key to successful digital transformation. 

  1. Clearly understand the customer journey and the problems you need to solve 
  2. Define a clear vision, mission and roadmap 
  3. Equally align and balance People, Process and Technology 
  4. Test and refine in a pilot setting, quickly adapting to user feedback 
  5. Track success with specific metrics (like re-hospitalization rates for Hospital at Home) to stay goal-oriented

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About the Author 

Len Gilbert​ is the EVP and Head of Strategic Consulting. With more than 25 years of experience, he helps companies strategically use data and technology to innovate, grow, launch new products, stay competitive and future-proof their businesses against the risks of digital disruption. Len can be reached at [email protected].