Mod Op Expands Data & AI Expertise with Strategic Acquisition of dPrism

The partnership reinforces Mod Op’s mission to bring together artificial intelligence, data science and human creativity, maximizing campaigns, performance and revenue for its customers


New York, NY (October 3, 2023) Mod Op, a full-service digital marketing agency accelerating customer growth through human creativity and automation, today announced the acquisition of dPrism, a digital transformation firm that helps clients harness the power of data and technology to enable greater revenue growth, more effective operations, and better customer experiences. With the acquisition, Mod Op expands its fast-growing data and technology capabilities for brands, including in the area of artificial intelligence.


“In today’s environment, with rising privacy regulations impacting first-party data collection and a surge in AI investments without clear KPIs or success benchmarks, brands face unparalleled challenges in their digital transformation,” said Eric J Bertrand, CEO of Mod Op. “By bringing dPrism into our portfolio, we’re helping our clients navigate this landscape and empowering them to realize the value of their data and investments in AI.


With decades of operational experience at the intersection of business, technology, and data, dPrism enables companies to develop comprehensive and forward-thinking digital strategies, while ensuring they have the right infrastructure – people, processes, and technology – to execute these strategies successfully. With a focus on providing actionable insights to its clients, dPrism turns growth strategy into execution and profitable results. The company’s expertise ranges from innovation to market analysis, from outside-in needs assessment to product strategy, and from execution planning all the way to delivery. Clients include Merck, ALM, Kaseya, Wolters Kluwer, Kroll, and more.


“Mod Op is partnering with dPrism because they see us empowering their clients to solve the most pressing issues facing them both today and tomorrow,” said Jonathan Murray, Co-President, CTO & Head of Strategy, dPrism. “How can data enable a company to succeed? How can AI be harnessed to drive both top and bottom-line growth in an ethical and smart way? How can a company ensure that it has the technical capabilities to support its growth strategy? Together, we will help the world’s leading brands answer these questions, while ensuring they maximize operational and revenue performance through digital innovation.”


Two key services the company provides are strategic assessments in data and AI, both of which are witnessing a surge in demand. dPrism’s Strategic Data Assessment evaluates a company’s business objectives against its current data landscape, identifies capability gaps, and proposes a roadmap with actionable steps. Meanwhile, its Strategic AI Assessment delves into the AI/ML/LLM environment relative to business goals, formulates specific use cases, considers potential impact and risks, and lays out a strategic action plan.


“We are unwavering in our commitment to help clients unlock the full potential of their data and AI investments,” said Len Gilbert, Co-President & Chief Revenue Officer, dPrism. “Our goal is to ensure brands are agile, primed, and fully equipped to seize these transformative opportunities. We are excited to work with Mod Op and look forward to scaling our expertise and offerings even further through our partnership.”


Now, as part of Mod Op, dPrism’s capabilities can be provided standalone or to power a broader range of marketing solutions for clients; strategy and execution for creative, communications, technology and digital media, as well as other digital marketing services. Effective immediately, dPrism has been integrated into Mod Op and its services are now offered under the newly launched division, Mod Op Strategic Consulting. With this move, Len Gilbert will join the Mod Op team as Executive Vice President of Strategic Consulting, overseeing the new division, while Jonathan Murray will assume the role of Mod Op’s Chief Strategy Officer.


“Partnering with dPrism and the launch of Mod Op Strategic Consulting simply reinforces our mission,” added Bertrand. “We are building the industry’s leading insights-led marketing agency that merges AI, data science and human creativity – all in support of efficient, effective and sustainable growth for our clients. With Jonathan, Len, and the entire dPrism team on board, we’re excited about the future.”


dPrism is Mod Op’s third acquisition of the year and its seventh in five years, as the company continues to strategically expand its data, technology, and creative offerings. In January, Mod Op announced the acquisition of Context Creative, a full-service, international creative agency specializing in data-driven strategies and design thinking for effective B2B and B2C campaigns across all media channels.


Mod Op is based in Miami, and has offices in Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Panama City, Panama, Cleveland and Toronto, Canada. The agency delivers creative and strategic solutions for leading brands like Nestlé, John Deere, ExxonMobil, Baha Mar, and more.


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Mod Op is a leading insights-driven marketing agency that merges artificial intelligence, data science and human creativity to deliver efficient, effective and sustainable growth for our clients. Mod Op services for both B2C and B2B markets include strategy and execution for creative, communications, technology, and digital media, as well as other digital marketing services. For additional information, please visit Mod Op’s website.