Mod Op Receives 2021 CMA Award for Best Overall Design in Digital

Mod Op wins CMI Award 2021

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that, this year, we received the CMA Award for Best Overall Design in Digital for our exceptional work on the relaunch of Belvedere Vodka’s website.

Mod Op and Belvedere have worked together since 2015. As an agency, we’ve always strived to improve and innovate the work that we do with new, disruptive, creative solutions that give our clients a competitive edge.

As we continued to work closely with Belvedere, we saw an opportunity to optimize their site and enhance the user experience to better align with their position as an organic vodka that’s “Made With Nature.” Not only would the site tell a more meaningful and immersive brand story, but it would do so in a way that reflected the premium look and feel that defines Belvedere Vodka.

With these ambitions in mind, we began the project to relaunch the Belvedere website with goals of capturing more traffic, captivating their audience and converting more users into customers.

Optimizing, redesigning and relaunching Belvedere’s website was no small undertaking. Pulling experts from across a wide range of disciplines, we put together a team of designers, developers, QA specialists, content authors, SEO strategists, copywriters and analysts that worked together to streamline the site design and enhance the visual experience so we could improve the user journey.

We decided to build the new website using a headless Drupal, react-based interface that connects to a custom CMS to optimize performance. And, instead of designing the site as a group of pages, we broke each page into individual modules, which can be repurposed and rearranged for future content. The result is a simple design that is not only more flexible, but also more sustainable, allowing Belvedere to put out new content with a shorter time to market and no need to invest more in their site design.

A beautiful design calls for captivating visuals. We integrated gorgeous, full-screen video content, photography, micro animations and seamless scrolling into the site’s visual design to delight the user and immerse them deeply into the ebb and flow of nature. Along with these visuals, we crafted tasteful, sophisticated, SEO-optimized messaging that tells the unique story of Belvedere, a fire-distilled, organic vodka made with Polish rye and purified water.

Finally, we added new, engaging features to Belvedere’s website to give the site utility and direct more visitors into the content funnel. We worked with a third party to integrate a new app called the “Virtual Mixologist,” allowing users to search for organic cocktails for specific occasions or for recipes that include the ingredients they have at home. We also added new “occasions” to the site, pages that feature cocktail recipes for a specific season, meal or celebration, allowing visitors to quickly find the cocktail recipes they need while linking them directly to the product.

The site relaunched in September 2020, fulfilling every one of our expectations. With massively improved performance and faster load times.

The new site also captured much deeper engagement with Belvedere’s audience. Users spent significantly more time per page view and explored more pages per visit. And with more pathways for visitors to become customers, the site delivers a continuous return on Belvedere’s investment.

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