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The Challenge

Inflation and rising energy costs are putting strains on household finances. We needed to convince Ontarians that the Smart Thermostat Program is a smart way to save energy at home and lower their energy bills. Plus, ensure Enbridge Gas could successfully compete alongside large retailers and ecommerce sites.

The Work

We ran an “always-on” digital campaign to show up when people searched for thermostats or energy savings. Digital tactics included YouTube, Google (Discovery, Search, Responsive Search, Performance Max) and Social. We continually tested and optimized tactics to deliver the best results.

Mixing lifestyle imagery with product shots allowed us to test what creative resonated most, while giving each thermostat model equal exposure. To avoid ad fatigue, we refreshed our creative every quarter, and iteratively applied learnings from previous campaigns to optimize creative.

The Impact

9,482 conversions over a 6-month period - 41.75% higher conversion rate - 58.82% decrease the average cost per conversion - $3.32 cost per conversion - 86% of total conversions came from adding new tactics—Google Performance Max and Responsive Search Ads—to the campaign