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The Challenge

The client wanted to accelerate success rates of new sales in key areas of the product portfolio where competitive differentiation and momentum were strongest. With limited sales and marketing resources, the organization needed “hot” or “warm” leads. They needed a list of companies most interested in making a purchase, a persona profile of the decision-maker and the specific solutions that would provide the most value.

The Work

With the help of cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) and analytics, Mod Op created a sales enablement strategy and tactical execution focused on accelerating results quickly to impact revenue in a short period of time. We delivered an organized and highly augmented prospect database for customer relationship management (CRM) integration, enabling highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns—with tools for implementing account-based sales (ABS) and account-based marketing (ABM )at the enterprise account level.

The Impact

Dramatic quality improvements in prospect data - Increased sales team efficiency

- Higher engagement rates on marketing campaigns - Increased number of sales meetings scheduled - More closed sales, resulting in new revenue