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The Work

Trailers & Commercials

The LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga campaign included an array of gameplay trailers, broadcasts, and digital spots, all built to showcase the irreverent fun and humor of the game. Mod Op’s creative reached millions of viewers worldwide, with over 150M views and off-the-charts positive sentiment, resulting in record-breaking pre-orders.

Social Media

Our approach for social media was to engage fans directly, specifically speaking to parents & kids, adult fans, and core gamers. By activating these key segments, our goals were to:

• Amplify fan excitement
• Revitalize social channels
• Reward existing fans
to achieve this, we created content that was approachable and entertaining to new and returning fans alike, focusing on sharing new game details, tidbits of lore, and celebrating the LEGO Star Wars fandom.

Moreover, the tone of the content was always true to the LEGO Star Wars brand: clever, tongue-in-cheek, and always enthusiastic.

• In 2022 alone, Net Audience Growth grew by 886.2%.
• We garnered over 54,000,000 Impressions, 9,200,000 Views, and 2,500,000 Engagements in the four-month lead up to launch.
• Fan engagement was incredibly positive, with users sharing their excitement for the release.

The Impact

The campaign was a smashing success.

• Became the fastest-selling LEGO game of all time, with 3.2 M sold in the first 14 days.
• 2022 CLIO 2x winner
• April 2022’s #1 selling game in the world (launch month).
• #1 in charts for Nintendo, PlayStation, XBOX, and Steam charts for April, 2022 (launch month).


2022’s fifth highest-selling game in the world.


Became the fastest selling LEGO game of all time, with 3.2 M sold in first 14 days.


Topped Nintendo, PlayStation, XBOX, and Steam charts for April, 2022.