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The Challenge

Bringing fantastical situations to life in a real world setting within budget presented challenges of its own, especially when our star needed to be a loveable canine. Some out of the box thinking was required and the team settled on stop motion as the most feasible method of bringing our stories to life.

The Work

After commissioning a highly realistic, poseable dog as our central star, we conceived and produced the video series utilizing stop motion animation techniques, puppetry, costumes and physical sets. This allowed us to ground the surreal situations and concepts in everyday reality, while creating a charming and quirky aesthetic appeal.

Digital Videos & TV Spots

In six separate video stories we see our hero pet overcome a variety of perils and challenges, inspired by Paw Patrol characters and always fueled by his favorite Pedigree breakfast, of course. Augmenting the social campaign, a series of TV spots were created using edits of the video stories combined with additional VO and graphics to drive traffic to the campaign web page.

Space Chase

Inspired by Skye, our hero takes to the skies and blasts into space in search of his young owner's abducted doll.

Pillow Peril

Inspired by Rubble, the hero dog digs into a collapsed pillow fort to rescue his owner and finds magical worlds and daring adventure.

Pawesome Expedition

Inspired by Everest, our hero braves the elements and the neighborhood monster to return his owner s lost scarf.

The Impact

The 2017 video campaign delivered over four million video views, leading to strong resonance and engagement with our targeted mom/family audience.


Total video views across social channels, with 47% coming from our most prized Facebook audience


Total Snapchat ad views, plus 8.4 million Twitter impressions.


Campaign engagements from fans across all social channels.