Mod Op | Oxygen


Breathe in real life.

Branding / Digital Experiences

Mod Op was tasked to not only redesign the brand look and feel for NBCUniversal’s Oxygen network but to also redefine and reposition the network to more accurately reflect its youthful audience.

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The Challenge

Oxygen was missing out on substantial viewership opportunities by overlooking a younger demographic of women. Young women were not seeing true representations of themselves on television and were put off by the programming. The challenge was to bring a fresh and new feel to Oxygen that would be inviting to a younger audience while retaining our core. 

The Work

In order to speak to that younger audience, we found authentic characters and environments that reflect their view of the world. Creating scenes that felt optimistic, vibrant, bold and perfectly imperfect. Mod Op then delivered on a messaging and visual system that spoke to millennial sensibilities using short bursts of communication with reductive, playful phrasing. 

Visual Development

Using the new tagline, “Very Real,” as the guiding principle, we crafted a wholly new brand identity, encompassing a modern, clean and vibrant aesthetic. 

Mobile & Web Design

We also refreshed their mobile app and website design to reflect their new, youthful and vibrant visual identity. 

The Impact

The rebrand worked — and the audience shift was apparent almost immediately!

2 months

In just two short months we exceeded goals for the rebrand.

Young Again

Oxygen became the youngest women’s network in primetime by eight years.

26% lift

Our efforts delivered a lift of 26% more women aged 18-34.