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The Challenge

The marketing team wanted to introduce several changes to their existing website such as adding videos to the background of content, rotating content carousels with video, anchoring promotions to specific content blocks.

PhillipsConoco wanted to maintain an existing integration with Salesforce that captured all leads from the site, and most of all update content easily and publish at any time they liked.

In addition, updating the Station Finder map to include the option to Plan a Trip and allowing the directions to be saved as a PDF or printed, individual landing pages for all Stations that to promote all available amenities for that Station had been a goal for several years. Faced with unrealistic IT update windows for three websites, they sought to streamline site updates by migrating their HTML website to Adobe Experience Manager, where they would be able have all of the desired functionality and update content on the site without the need to engage their IT department.

The Work

To accomplish this, we provided technical recommendations on how to upgrade to AEM, built out the AEM components to match their existing UI, and created custom components to allow for video backgrounds and content carousels.

We created API’s to integrate with two third-party systems including custom submission forms for Salesforce for lead generation and Bing Maps to improve the Station Finder functionality.


DAM Integration

We recommended that they leverage the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to have a single source for all assets across each brand, and added Spanish localization.

Plan a Trip

What an exciting request! Combining several data points, this addition syncs with Bing Maps and the client's vast station data to request directions and show gas stations that are along the route. This also enables the user to effortlessly add those stations to their respective route.


Data Migration

We set up a process to import station data from over 6,000 stations, creating individual landing pages to display more information about the station such as current promotions and available amenities.



We added the ability to anchor current promotions to specific regions of the map where the promotion is active.

We added a searchable mini-map to the Contact Us page where you can select which station to submit a question or comment about.


Authoring Support

We assisted in establishing best practices for publishing content by providing authoring support to their team and adding publishing workflows to AEM.

The Impact

The migration to AEM was a success! The changes that were implemented empowered the team to easily publish content updates at any time.

Being independent of the IT schedule, gave them the ability to focus on becoming more creative with their content and promotions.