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The Challenge

Reddit looked to us to establish the benchmark for their new high-impact iFrame units, which were to serve as the premium ad offering of their site redesign. Redditors are notorious for being a community adverse to change and are incredibly vocal with a no holds barred approach to expressing disdain — no pressure.

The Work

After establishing the basis of these new responsive units, we created multiple unique experiences to promote Reddit’s brand partners in a manner that spoke to and captured the attention of the Reddit audience. For each execution, we worked with the Reddit team to identify key aspects of a brand campaign and adapted those to be uniquely tailored to Reddit culture.

Big Mac Hero

To promote the launch of two new McDonald’s Big Mac menu item lines, we tapped into the large Gaming community by creating our own game aptly named Big Mac Hero. The infinite runner-styled game saw players run and jump through a pixel art city-scape collecting Big Macs of all sizes, while dodging nefarious slices of pizza and tacos, to score points in the hopes of adding their initials to the global leaderboard.

McDonalds Voting

To promote the release of McDonald’s new bacon option, and answer the question “what’s better a burger, with or without bacon?” we leveraged the broad sense of history and community on the platform to answer an interactive survey of A or B questions, in which each question leaned heavily into beloved Reddit culture.

Wreck It Ralph

To create awareness around the theatrical release of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, we worked with Reddit to compile the most historically lauded memes and moments in Reddit history. We then pitted them against each other under the Wreck-It Ralph banner. During this multi-week campaign, users upvoted their favorites each week to elect the most internet-breaking meme in Reddit history.

The Impact

Since launching the first interactive iFrame unit with Reddit in 2018, the units have become a driving force in providing first-to-market media opportunities for their brand partners. This deeper level of engagement has resulted in increased time spent and return visits far exceeding industry benchmarks and showed the potential for interactive digital media within the current digital climate.

4MM+ Users

Total number of users across all three interactive units was over 4MM, with each unit typically running for 4-6 weeks across targeted sub Reddits.

50K Votes

50k votes garnered from 50% of users, demonstrating a deeper level of engagement, across both voting units. Roughly half of all user sessions resulted in a vote.

2:58 minutes

The average length of time spent playing. While mobile users generally spent :30 on the Big Mac game, well above average benchmarks, desktop users spent nearly 3 minutes playing.