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The Challenge

At the end of 2017, we took over as social media AOR and were tasked with creating a corporate and franchise-focused strategy that would increase channel engagement, promote brand awareness and grow the online community after nearly a year of inconsistent, and sometimes non-existent, social activity.

The Work

Mod Op developed an overarching social strategy with custom-built programs and worked to guide all partner vendors and teams in their implementation. Tactics included creating organic content with strong calls-to-action that were both culturally relevant to the brand and its audience; interacting with members in fun yet informational ways online and developing a bedrock of advocates to generate brand buzz at a regional and national level.

The Impact

Through our efforts, Retro Fitness was able to bolster a social media presence that was previously inactive, improve visibility at the local, franchise level, and achieve a high return on investment – truly giving their social platforms the “you vs. yesterday” treatment.


Total interactions across all social platforms, resulted in an 184% increase in engagement and a 270% community size growth year over year.


Followers were reached via influencer content, as we enlisted 45+ influencers who produced 150+ pieces of content, which garnered 345K+ in total engagement.


Impressions on LinkedIn from paid social execution, with an increase of 600+ followers and 3.1K+ total engagements.