Mod Op | TV One


One Refresh.


TVOne is a television network targeting African-American adults with a mix of original content and reruns from the 1970s through the 2000s. We were asked to design the brand identity for the entire family of “ONE” entities, from the parent company Urban 1 to the additional five sub-brands.

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The Challenge

TVOne came to us for help creating a new on-air look and feel for the brand that would get loyal viewers excited and also attract a new, younger audience without alienating our older viewers.

The Work

We started with a logo and graphics rebrand package for TVOne, positioning the network in a more culturally relevant and modern direction.

Our bold new tagline succinctly captured the audience’s mindset and the network’s programming: Represent.

For the new visual identity, we used graphic elements taken from the letters O, N, and E, in reference to the ONE in TVOne, to reinforce the brand.

Using these key design elements allowed us to create a cohesive, signature style versatile enough to be applied across every property in the Urban 1 brands family.