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The Challenge

A major part of this initiative was the creation of a new website powered by Adobe Experience Manager to highlight different attractions around the state. However, the site was set to launch without any SEO in place. Armed with insights from our in-depth audit of the site, we set out to strategically address the on-page and structural aspects of the code base to ensure alignment with SEO best practices.

The Work

We created a comprehensive SEO strategy built from a number of empirical data sets, which allowed us to accurately determine the action items, level of effort to address the items, and the expected return on investment.

SEO Site Map

We created a sitemap that listed over 25,000 URLs that needed SEO recommendations where we identified 3,300 key URLs to which the recommendations were applied.


Based on a detailed SEO audit of the site, we provided specific technical insights on how to optimize the site for maximum SEO potential.

Back-link Strategy

We created a back-link outreach strategy to increase rankings for high-traffic and volume keyword groups.

The Impact

During the first year of our engagement, organic traffic increased by over 1.92 million visitors, with July 2017 producing an additional 456,000 visitors.

100MM visitors

In a large part, organic traffic helped Visit Florida reach their 100 million goal.

39K keywords

At the start of the project 26,755 keywords were in use, by July 2017 that number increased by 48% to 39,464.

11K landing pages

By July 2017 10,933 landing pages were generating traffic, an increase of 115% since the start of the project.