Preferred Partner

Working with a passionate and iconic brand like Fender, we knew our work had to be equally innovative and ambitious…as well as honest and authentic. Our comprehensive initiatives with Fender spanned from analytics and strategy…to branding, design and film production. Our work included numerous projects and addressed a myriad of business objectives. We redesigned a logo and created a style guide for Fender’s custom guitar experience, Mod Shop. We also conducted an exhaustive audit of Fender’s social channels (as well as several competitive lifestyle brands) and provided a custom social channel strategy. Finally, we conceived a campaign whose cornerstone was a mini documentary featuring U2’s The Edge for the launch of his signature Stratocaster and Deluxe Amp.

The Edge Mini Doc

Sonically Iconic: Perhaps our most exciting project with Fender was conceiving, shooting and producing a five minute mini documentary for the launch of The Edge’s Signature Stratocaster and Amplifier. Featuring The Edge himself, we shot on location at a recording studio in Topanga Canyon as well as at Fender’s shop in Corona, CA.


Several weeks before product launch, the documentary was teased through an array of digital channels in a 30-second sizzle that created excitement and anticipation. 

The Edge Signature Stratocaster

Our two-day shoot with The Edge served many purposes — top of the list was creating a variety of compelling product videos that showcased the making of the Signature Stratocaster. These videos featured The Edge’s hands-on involvement in the design process as well as highlighted the Strat's unique product features.

The Edge Signature Deluxe Amp

We also created product sizzle videos of varying lengths targeted towards both consumers and retailers for the Signature Deluxe Amp. Viewers of the 1:30 version were treated to a glimpse of The Edge humor as he toured Fender’s Corona, CA custom shop.