Lego Dimensions

Working on the Year 2 product launches for LEGO Dimensions made us feel like kids in a toy store... literally! As huge fans of all things pop culture, we took the game's vast amount of IP's and challenged ourselves to go "BIGGER" through a mashed up 360º campaign that included an E3 trailer, multiple TV commercials, point-of-sale videos, a hilarious series of digital shorts, and holiday digital and social activations.

LEGO Dimensions: E3 Trailer - New Adventures Await!

LEGO Dimensions: Starter Pack Adventure

LEGO Dimensions: Lumpy Space Princess Meets B.A. Baracus

LEGO Dimensions: Supergirl Joins the Multiverse!

LEGO Dimensions: Marceline Meets Gizmo

LEGO Dimensions: Gandalf Meets Newt Scamander

LEGO Dimensions - Stories TV Spot

LEGO Dimensions - Holiday TV Spot

LEGO Dimensions: Meet That Hero - Excalibur Batman/Goonies

LEGO Dimensions: Meet That Hero - Sonic/Knight Rider