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The Challenge

LEGO changed the game with LEGO Worlds, creating a game unlike any other before it. We had to effectively educate the new product attributes while still creating a fun experience for kids.

The Work

To launch the game, we crafted educational content including information around new releases, game updates, announcements, and general brand awareness.

Collaborating with TT Games, we produced over 150 pieces of content around three core pillars: “Educational/Sales,” “Light Social Engagement” and “User-generated Content.”

In 2018, we optimized our strategy on generating social engagement among our existing audiences while expanding the brand into new gaming territory. Fun, culturally relevant content that fits the game’s iconic LEGO humor and thematic became primary focus.

Original Content

Our content includes a variety of mediums, from original photography, stop-motion trailers, graphically-driven videos, educational content, GIFs, break outs, boomerangs, etc. The result is a diverse stream of content geared to produce engagement and discussion.

The Impact

First launched in 2017, this gaming property continues to be a fan favorite. To date, our ads have reached over 1.5MM+ users, garnering a total of 3.4MM+ impressions, with an average cost-per-result (CPR) of $0.06. In 2018, LEGO Worlds generated 4K+ followers and is still some of our most successful content to date.

105K+ Engagements

LEGO Worlds received 105K+ total engagements across all channels and gained 30K+ followers in 2017 alone.

641MM+ Impressions

LEGO Worlds earned 641MM+ in total potential buzz impressions, with top authors reaching a total audience of

163MM+ Views

163MM+ views earned from top content creators on YouTube, as well as 4MM+ views from owned channel.